MASIE Productions:
Storytelling & Impact

Broadway, Conferences & Technology

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Elliott Masie - Producer

Elliott Masie combines 40 years background in learning, technology and entertainment to focus MASIE Productions on projects that combine Storytelling and Social Impact!

Cathy DiMiceli Masie - Producer

Cathy DiMiceli Masie grew up singing in various school and community choruses – at Northfield Mt Hermon and Hamilton College.   Now, as a producer, she has the joy of bringing live musical theater as well as some straight theatrical performances to the stage!

MASIE Productions

MASIE Productions is a unique boutique company - combining theater, engagement, technology and learning.   We create or co-produce events and shows that have high social impact and are "breaking" boundaries.


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306 W 48 - 33B - NY, NY

MASIE Productions